Little Inspirations-See

Hey Amazing Souls

It’s so easy to become sort of unconscious of whats around us, whats inside of us to focus in on whats not working and what is not done.

I just want to remind you of something I was reminded of this last weekend. To see it’s not that what is inside of you or around you has changed in big ways (though there may be times that is true) however it’s about changing the way we think of ¬†these things that makes us see the beauty that is all around and within.

-See what you have done that has helped another (a smile, holding the door, a compassionate ear) You do make a difference

-See the beauty in your eyes, your hands, your soul

-See the colors, shapes and lines in everyday things look at them from different angles

-See with eyes of love, when you look at yourself, others, the world around and within you

-See your gifts, when you see them and then embrace them you can share with the world your blessings

-See what lights you up, what makes you come alive and feel and be more passionate in your life. Get more of it!

Here is to Seeing with all your self and living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “Little Inspirations-See

  1. As an artist I see the world thats always around me and I am in awe of its beauty . If we would just open our eyes…our hearts… & just enjoy every moment, our lives would be so much more fuller. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Barbara

  2. What I see are the small shrub trees that look like lace in the morning dew ; the twisted aged bark of an old sugar maple with its beautiful textures; a mirrored pond so clear it looks like glass; a rusted gate of an old barn fence or the golden fields of harvested hay…it’s all there for the taking.

  3. Thank You for sharing what you see, you made it sound so beautiful and poetic! I feel like I can see it. And I agree, there is so much around us we are always in such a hurry to get well who knows that we don’t see it

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