8 Things I learned from going on a retreat…

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I mentioned that a few weeks ago I went on a retreat right near where I live (though I stayed on the grounds and didn’t come home and it really felt like a different little world) Catherine Just and Flora Bowely were the Beautiful Souls leading the way.

I have wanted to go on a creative retreat for years but there was always some reason why the timing didn’t work out. Finally I decided this year to commit to it and this retreat seemed like a perfect one, and it was.

The name was Brave* Soulfull* Intuitive You (they had me at the name!) I would say I am still processing the entire experience. I had expectations going into it and oftentimes that very thing can be a problem. However my expectations were exceeded, no disappointment for me in this experience. I still have pictures I would like to share, paintings I am working on and thoughts brewing, However I wanted to share with you some things I have learned by going on retreat.

1- Having a like-minded, supportive community around your (as often as you can!) is a way to stay constantly inspired

2-That I am braver than I have given myself the space or the credit for

3-That there are so may beautiful soulful people going through the same struggle of not enoughness and seeking just as I am, though for each of us it may show up differently

4-That I have been holding back more of myself in several areas of my life that I thought. I have made so many strides forward in the journey of being Authentic, but going to this and feeling so fully like myself (even when it showed up in annoying ways!) It was shining a light on the areas where I have been holding back.

5-I learned and am continuing to do my best to practice the art of letting go of the outcome of the totally freezing of even trying and being ok with trusting the process

6-I LOVE paint on my hands, and painting with my hands

7-To listen deeper to my life, body, community and soul. They all have messages that will support me in living the life I am meant to.

8-I am learning to trust and remember that it’s so much more about how I am showing up then what I do or don’t get done. That showing up with grace, compassion, honesty and joy is the way to go. It wouldn’t matter if I got one other “productive” thing done it’s about how I show up and who I really am.

Those are just some of the lessons I learned. I will share more things as the become clearer and I will be sharing more of my truth, more of my soul with you in the coming weeks as I process it all!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “8 Things I learned from going on a retreat…

  1. That is completely awesome Heather, really beautiful! I couldn’t have said it better, especially # 1, 3 and 2 and well all of them really!

  2. great post heather- – good for you for committing to the retreat and following through. just lovely! 🙂 love the photo.

  3. Thank You so much April and Thanks Elyse, I couldn’t be happier that I did and that I was blessed to be able to go.

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