Soul Musings-Sharing more

Hey Beautiful Souls

I am not sure if this is a start of a new category, series or what just yet. I already do little inspirations those are just little bits that are on my mind often (always) reflecting whats going on in my life.

However I have had the pull to write and share more from my Soul. Don’t get me wrong I do my best to bring inspiration ,creativity and my heart to all the posts I do. I just have noticed that in several areas of my life I have held back thoughts, images or words I have wanted to share for fear of its to woo woo or that’s not a prompt. I always want  you to come away from this blog, well anything I do really with a sense of being Inspired to be more Creative and Empowered on your Journey.

As I continue to do the work of living my truth (along with some of you in Journey to Authentic You workshop) I have uncovered more layers of me, some that I am wanting to share but resisting. I don’t want to do that any longer (looks like this could be a new category or series!) I want to share who I am fully with you. That means sharing the musings of my Soul, that means sharing things that feel a bit scary sometimes too and even those times where I am really struggling as that is part of the journey too.

Do you have an area of your life that it’s felt too scary or raw to share with others? Maybe today is the day you take one tiny tiny step in admitting it to yourself, that is the first step of this process!

I thank you deeply and sincerely for coming along on the Journey with me.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: The image is a small peak into one of  the 30×30 canvases I did on the retreat I went to recentlly, I will be sharing more in the Soul Musings to come!


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