Reflecting and Visions for October

Hey Beautiful Souls!

WOWZER! It’s October already, I can not believe how fast it’s going by! September was a huge month for me. Going to the retreat that I have been looking forward to for months and months and months finally happened. And Wow it was a beautiful, transformative experience.

Every month now I do a vision journal page for the  month we are going into. I also often like to reflect back on some points of the month we have just come out of.


September was: Transformative

3 things I learned: I am braver than I have given myself credit for, to paint layers upon yummy layers on a canvas, that I have been allowing Ok to take the place of I love (this is in objects, actions, dreams)

I experienced: Releasing of layers in my fears and in my stuff, I experienced moments of being so fully myself (at the retreat) that I actually had to people on the same day totally different times tell me I was glowing (or something to that effect) and I experienced beautiful soulful community

I am celebrating: Giving myself the gift of showing up, to the retreat, at the retreat and in several other areas of my life

I struggled with: Keeping my attitude in check, had to be mindful of  not getting into victim mode when things were not going the way I wanted!

I invite you to do the same ask yourself the questions below:

September was:

3 things I learned:

I experienced:

I am celebrating:

I struggled with:

October Visions: (see vision journal page above)

Some of this months dreams and goals:

-To participate in the Heart Walk to raise awareness and money for Heart Disease

-Participate in community (online and off)

-Continue focused inspirational actions on some soul projects I have going

-Clear some space

-Be of service

Those are some of my dreams and visions, some have several layers of meaning in them!

What are some of your visions for the month ahead?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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