Invest in yourself, your creativity

Hey Creative Souls

I am really excited to be doing a weekly series on Creativity, weekly I plan on sharing a bit of what I am musing about over on Here is a bit of it , head on over to her blog (I linked below) and check out the rest!

Do you take time for creativity in your life, conscious creativity?

If the answer is no, I want you to ask yourself why not? What things are in your way, list them. Once you have written the list ask yourself am I using these things as an excuse? In this list of reasons, is there anything I can shift to create a bit of time or space to make a little room for my creativity? If the answer is yes, do you take the time that you would like? Ask yourself the same questions as above.

What I am encouraging you to do is to look at those reasons and be open and willing to create a bit of space in your time, space or budget to invest in your creativity. An investment in your creativity is an investment in yourself.

Seriously notice how you feel after (or during!) creating, it’s often moments of joy, release and healing. Aren’t you worth that investment?

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