3 things to explore Creatively

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I mentioned before that I am doing a guest series on Creativity over at this lovelies site . I wanted to share a recent post on 3 things to exlore in a creative way! Head on over to her wonderful site and check out all the other goodness shes got going on over there!

I hope you are enjoying the series on Creativity so far! I sure am enjoying writing it! This week I thought we would look at 3 creative things to explore. I have some ideas, but if you don’t like my list pick and choose what if any sounds good to you and add your own! I would love to hear in the comments! I will also have more ideas of things to explore creatively in the weeks to come!

Your Style
Your Space

Now each of this could be and actually probably will be expanded upon in posts in the very near future! However lets touch upon a tip or two to explore these areas creatively now!

Your Style: We all get stuck in our ruts of what we wear, I do this way to often actually! I have a few outfits I like and I just keep rotating them instead of looking at the other good stuff I have and how I can mix it up a bit and look at my options with a more creative mindset. Take some time this week to just tweak one of your favorite outfits just a bit from how you normally rock it! Or to take it to another level mix it up and wear a totally different combo then you “usually” do!

Documenting: Oh how I love documenting! There really is no wrong way to document your life and those people around you. Look I think that “traditional” scrapbook keeping is great for so many people, it’s just not for me. There are lots of ways to document your life. A journal, visual journal, Smashbook (I have one that has little bits, sayings and pictures of those i love and actually have one that documents my journey a bit) My favorite tool of all time for documenting is my iPhone, that is where 98% of my pictures come from and with it I am able to document little moments and inspirations around me that I would not have otherwise. Take something you have currently and see if you can play around with a creative way to document the awesomeness in the everyday!

Your Space: As with our wardrobes we can get stuck in a rut in our spaces. A great way to explore your space in a creative way is to ask yourself what you want out of that space. To look at what you have in it and what can be taken out or brought in, moved around etc to help that space function to support what you envision. For me years ago I wanted a space to be able to do some creative stuff (then Jewelry making, now visual journaling and things of that nature) I live in a mini 1 bedroom so I first thought no way do I have the room. But when I really looked at the space I realized that on one particular area that it was really just being filled up with something we did not use or love so when I released those things it made room for a space to set up a little creative nook!
So many things open up when you can look at them with a creative twist and an open mind!

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered




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