Layer by Layer- Soul Musings

Hey Beautiful Souls

Ever since the retreat I went to in September I have been processing layer by layer what this journey was and still is for me.

It was for me a true and deep beginning of knowing that I must have community in my life in various ways in order to be living my truth.

I am an often shy and always introvert who loves to connect, those two at times are contradictions.

When I went to the retreat, I had my insecure moments of wanting to “fit in” but these moments as annoying as they were at the time provided great lessons and insight into how my insecurity and not enoughness shows up.

As I sunk deeper into the work and the courage of the other beautiful souls there I felt seen, more than I have well ever I think really. I was constantly inspired by the passion,courage and depth these woman shared.

You see I think that I have often thought of passion as sort of loud and proud but passion isn’t always that way. Many times passion shows up with a shaky voice and a ready soul. Passion for the leaning into the cravings and whispers of creating the life we really want a life of expressing our souls on a deep level.

I am still figuring out how this experience changed me, though I know it did. I am also still figuring out layer by layer how to weave more and more of that feeling into my everyday life. I can tell you now that I make more of an effort to connect and to involve myself in more and more soul community. I know it will “leak” into more and more of my soul work. I am sometimes rapidly and sometimes so slowly it almost feels like I am at a dead stop revealing and living more of my truth…

I am scared as hell and more ready than I have ever been all at once…

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


4 responses to “Layer by Layer- Soul Musings

  1. I love love love this…especially the phrase “Many times passion shows up with a shaky voice and a ready soul.”

  2. Wow…such beautiful words. I am especially drawn to “passion shows up with a shaky voice and a ready soul.” I have realized that my soul has been ready, thank you for sharing and in turn clarifying my thoughts to me.

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