Spreading your wings… Soul Musings

Hey Inspiring Souls,

So often we, or I will speak for myself this time..I want to fly, I want to soar but I feel “safer” to keep my gifts , dreams and my truth tucked underneath my wings. Waiting for.. well I am not sure, yes I do know waiting for Courage really. I often will use many other excuses of why I can’t do something when the truth is I am afraid to spread my wings. It’s not fun to admit that I have let fear take the leading role in my life in so many ways. But I have. But the question I need to ask myself is do I really want to keep my wings tucked under me, flapping them around sometimes or do i want to spread my wings to see how far they can really take me. What is it that I am afraid of, that they will not take me to where I so long for or that they will?

Where has having the courage to spread your wings taken you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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