What is stopping you-Creativity Series

Hey Creative Souls! This post was first published over here!  This is part of a guest series I am doing and within this one is a mini series on dealing with what is stopping you from creative self-expression!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Do you actively engage your Creativity? Do you find yourself yearning for Creative Self Expression but seem to always find a reason not to engage in it, to follow that whisper, that tug or inspiration?

I want to encourage you to ask yourself this, and respond honestly even if it feels a bit scary:

What is stopping me from actively engaging my Creative Self-Expression?

This doesn’t have to be one things, you can have a list of the things (or people) that are stopping you.
If the question worded that way feels too big or general then you can ask yourself some or all of these questions:

-What forms of creativity, of Art really speak to me?
-What things, crafts, opportunities have I said I would love to, but I can’t to.
-If I had, I would create

I will be doing a mini series on this over the next weeks, I have about 5 main things I believe stop people in the Creativity tracks, all ones I recognize because I have been there with those things using them as a reason or excuse to not allow my creativity to be expressed. I will explore those things in more depth in the coming posts. For now thought take a little time for yourself and allow the truth to come out of what you feel is stopping you from Creativity being a regular part of your life.

If it feels right to you, I would love to hear a bit of what is stopping you from actively engaging in Creative Self-Expression, email me or leave a comment below!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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