Creative Prompt- The view from…

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I have probably mentioned that I love taking pictures. I have slowed way down on how many pictures I take. I go through those phases at times. I am in one now where I am on “Notice Mode” so I am passing beautiful leaves, flowers with rain and things of that nature that I can’t just walk past. I am drawn to stop and capture, so I have!

This week take some time to stop and capture the inspiration,the holiday, the sights and whatever else calls to you. Instead of always just thinking about it and moving on, slow down and soak it in. Document it. Through the lens, the pen or your keyboard, images, words, color or whatever else feels right.. Slow down, soak it in and “capture” it! The view from where you are..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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