Creating Time for Creative Self Expression


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Last week I asked you to really sink in and ask yourself a simple but not easy question.

What is stopping you from Creative Self Expression?

This week we will start the part of the series where we explore the things that are “common” for people to say that stops them from Creative Self Expression

Do you feel a tug of wanting to explore your creativity? But you don’t feel you have the time?

Time is the first of the creativity blockers we are going to explore!

Time is precious, once it’s “spent” you can’t get it back.

It’s easy to think that we need to or “should” user our time always for what the world would see as being “productive” what many of us don’t learn at first that exploring,expressing and nurturing your creativity is one of the most “productive” things you can do. We are so tied to result all the time that if we don’t see a certain kind of tangible result we feel like it’s a waste of time.

A few tips and ideas of creating the space of time for exploring your creativity

-Schedule it in

-Set a timer for yourself ( we say we don’t have the time but if we just took the 10-15 minutes a day we would be getting so much more time in on a regular basis then if we waited until we had a few hours to sit down and do it, because often we have not made time or truly don’t have those few hours to spare)

-Gather 1 or a few easy to start and not have to finish projects ( like playing with photos to edit and funky up!) , Quick collages, drawing, knitting you choose what feels right to you but set yourself up for success in that way have things that are not start to finish projects to play with.

-Find yourself watching TV often? If there are shows you watch that you either are watching because your significant other or child watch’s take the time while sitting there with them to do a bit of creating (multi tasking at it’s finest!)

Lets get honest with ourselves if it’s the time stopping you, have you determined how much time you really need? Often the response is no, then how do you know you don’t have enough?! The laundry, dishes, and other things will wait while you feed your Soul and you know what when you are creating (aka feeding your soul) you are able to bring yourself to these tasks and to the people in your life on a much more whole level!

Take time for your creativity and even when the project isn’t one you love you will reap many benefits from this process!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: This was created and originally posted over here on this lovelies site!


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