Soul Musings-Lack and Abundance


Hey Beautiful Souls!

I think that most people who know me virtually or otherwise would describe me as a positive person. And I like to think of myself showing up that way as well. So that it surprised me when I realized recently (as in the last month or so) that I very often come from a place of lack. Yup, me the one who can find layers of inspiration just about anywhere comes from a place of lack in so many areas of her life.

Not a fun discovery for sure, but so needed and on its way to healing with moments of noticing bit by bit and layer by layer.  The mindset of lack can show up (and does for me) in thinking you are not enough, constantly feeling like you are letting people down, always waiting on circumstances that you don’t have to do what you so deeply want to do (its thoughts like.. if I had ____ I would be able to do this but since I don’t I won’t even start or try to figure out how I can get ___ or start from where I am) Until recently when you would have said the word Abundance to me I would have only thought financial. Now my mindset has shifted and I am seeing all the ways from big to small that abundance can show up and more importantly is already right here within and around me!

I am realizing that if I am constantly in the mindset that I am lacking in something internal or external that I can never see what is really there, if I am coming from a place of judgment in everything then I will always see lack. And I will not be able to see what is abundant or what I am rocking, where I am shining and own it. When in a constant state of lack it’s hard to see what we have there to start from where we are and not wait until___ to create the life we really desire.

I am now learning that I must keep noticing and switching gears, when I feel lack, I try to swap my mindset for where I am abundant. I have started looking at what practice, habits and things to put in place to help me get to that place I want to be, even if at times it feels like I am crawling there (hey it’s forward movement!)

I am surrounded by abundance in many forms and remembering this each day and sometimes like 50 times a day is one of the practices I am putting into place. To simply notice when I am falling into that mindset and self talk and to try to swap it.

What is your experience with this, do you find that you have come from a place of lack or is your mindset one of abundance? (or like me a mix and a work in progress!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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