My letter to 2012


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Well can you belive we are nearing the end of 2012? I can’t but since there is no denying it really I have continued to reflect and to vision. For me part of that process is to write a letter to the year coming to a close.. So here is my letter to 2012!

Dear 2012, 

Wowzer, what a year you were. And you FLEW by!  I know I know I say that every single year. It seems you were especially fast! 

Your were full of so many shifts, healing, blessings, realizations, clarity, confusion, wounds, discovery just so much packed into little ol you! 

You brought me connection in many forms, not all the forms I had thought I would have but so many. Not just connection with some really beautiful souls online and off but with my Spirituality , with myself, my health and with hubby. 

As you know my 2 biggest dreams were to go to Germany with Mom and to go to a retreat. Sadly Germany didn’t happen this year (but I am counting on you 2013!) The retreat did happen and boy was it amazing. A game changer on many levels. I felt seen and so open learning and adopting the mantra to trust the process (still working on this one!) 

I would like to leave with you however the wounds, frustration, grudges and all (or at least take most of them please) the ways that I stand in my own way. 

You were full of learning in so many ways, many of them really fun. Lots of workshops, eCourses and yummy books (over 25 of them actually!) 

I painted, collaged, drew, ran a year long workshop, coached and captured many memories through the lens and written words. 

Lots of release as well, 50lbs from my body and many bags from my apartment. Slowly (really slowly sometimes) carving out a space that speaks to me more and more. Layers of letting go of what is no longer serving me-Mentally and Physically. My word for you was Light and boy did that show up in physical form, mental and being able to open more and more to see that in other people. 

There were also some ways that you felt sort of stuck and too much the same of the years past, don’t worry I don’t blame you. I have stood in my own way to much but I now  catch myself so much faster then I used to. 

There were also many ways where you felt freeing.. Authentic and like you were prepping me for little and big shifts to come. 

Thank You 2012 I am so grateful for all the blessings, the lessons (even the hard ones that I am still processing) 

May all you have brought me carry me forward to fully expand into my truth in 2013

Love, Heather 


5 responses to “My letter to 2012

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog…looking forward to reading more! Great idea writing a letter to the year.

  2. Heather you are inspiring and I want to thank you for taking the time to share so much with all of us! Thru visualization I see my dreams and in time they appear, stay true to your dreams!! Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

    • Thank You so much Sandy! I will be leaning more and more in to staying trute to my dreams! May all yours come true! xo

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