2013 Visions and Heart Resolutions


Hey Beautiful Souls!

The image above is my 2013 Vision Board! This last year I have done a lot more visioning then in the years past, and this year I plan on increasing it even more! However I still love the ritual of starting out the year with a vision board to guide and inspire me throughout the year.

So while some images my speak for themselves, I will share with you what some of these things mean!

  • My word this year is Expand, so Expand your horizons has layers of meanings for me, including traveling and planning for trips. Several open arm images depict this word/feeling as well
  • I would like to be working from home “full-time”
  • I want to really deepen my Yoga practice to another level, that was a dream/goal of mine in 2012 and I did from where I was however wanting to take it even further this. (I will let you in on something I really want to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training this year, if finances allow, it’s a dream I have had for years. Ready to really commit to it differently than before!)
  • Lots of Creativity, Connection, Self Expression
  • Nourishing my body (mind and soul too) with what it really craves

This years heart resolutions are: 








Spaciousness ( a theme  -Creating Space that has been coming up for me a lot the last 6 months or more. )

Curious what Heart Resolutions are? Check out the PDF here

What are your visions and Heart Resolutions for 2013?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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