Spaciousness- Little Inspirations


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Lately spaciousness and the word space and the urge to create more of it in my life mentally and for sure physically have been coming up, more and more and more. So I have started to listen..

Creating Spaciousness

Feeds your Mind, Body and Soul

Won’t let up if it’s calling you

Can open you to things, moments and realizations that surprise you

Allow room for more of you and the things that really matter and those things that you really love.

Can be done in small spaces (of time and actual physical space)

Spaciousness can give you the feeling of abundance

Where in your life do you need to create some space?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Spaciousness- Little Inspirations

  1. I’m working on space at the moment.. physical space mainly. I’m having a huge declutter, getting rid of stuff and giving myself more space to work & hopefully, to create in.

    • Charis, It can be exhausting and often frustrating but so so worth it. I think that the physical and mental work together. At least thats been true for me! Thanks for stopping by!

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