It’s here!!!- Visual Journal workshop!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am BEYOND excited to announce my newest and close to my heart workshop!

Layers of Life- Visual Journal Workshop 

Your life is layered, all of us have layers in our lives. So often we have hidden the layers of who we really are and what we really want so much that we have almost forgotten that they are there. But there is a part of us that knows deeply that those layers are there and whispering to us to be revealed.  The layers show up in our dreams, goals, fears, likes, dislikes, relationships and many other ways.

A beautiful way to start to explore and own (or release) some of these layers is through self-expression especially visual journaling (also referred to often as Art Journaling)

This journey will be an exploration of the layers of your life and of your journal.

This workshop offers:

1-Creative prompts -lose the fear of the blank page through collage and various ways to add color to your page.

2-Layers of your life prompts, from photos to “junk mail” we play with things from your real life!

3-Layers of you- journal prompts to explore the different layers in your inner and outer life. From dreams to your everyday. These prompts will be a mix of introspection, reflection and simply noticing your life a bit differently.

There are very few basic supplies needed to get started. Once you sign up I will send you a supply list.

Join me in exploring The Layers of Life

You can purchase it here for a very affordable $28 for the 5 weeks!

I got some requests for a Visual Journal workshop and it’s something I am passionate about so I am really thrilled to share it with you!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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