Being Yourself- Soul Musings


Hello Beautiful Souls!

The above quote is on a lovely calendar I have and I love it. Though I think like a lot of quotes and things we say it’s just sort of in passing. We think oh that’s true and move on. But have you ever stopped to think about this quote, I mean really think about it?

To be totally honest I am not sure I had until just recently. I posted a photo a while back on facebook of a tea tag that said “Be Yourself” and someone commented “Who else would I be?” well that’s just it, we often don’t take the time to really explore or define who we really are. We are so often on autopilot going along, reacting to life and demands (self-imposed, family, friends or society) that we have lost sight of what we really want of who we really are.

We are led by the Shoulds and Fear so often, not even aware of it until we get so far out of where we want to be (if we have even admitted it to ourselves) that it sometimes can feel like there is no getting back to who we really are.. In this case I encourage you to start from where you are (rhyme not intentional!) How many times a day, a week a lifetime do we compromise our real desires, our silly or sensitive selves to fit in?

We have held on to the “old” things (likes, style, dislikes, dreams etc) so long that we are not even allowing room for what really feels right, what fits in our lives now. A small example is that I love the color red, I do but it’s not my favorite color anymore but I was hanging on to that for a while until I let myself “admit” that a dark pink and Teal sorts of colors were the ones I am constantly drawn to. Like oh yeah i am allowed to change what my favorite color (for now) is even when I am grown (as opposed to when we are younger and our tastes change every 5 minutes it seems!)

Look really truly being yourself is not always easy for us or for others in our lives but constantly hiding your authentic self is even harder (on all mind -body-soul) on us- on you. There are bound to be some growing pains. Give yourself and those around you  the gift of showing up as you, truly you.

I offer a few tools in this journey my Visual Journal Workshop, Journey to Authentic You Worksop and Coaching

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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