Allowing Space-Journal Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Something that has been coming up more and more for myself and in conversations in my life is to allow space for “it“. “It” healing, dreaming, connecting, allowing, releasing (any or all the above!)

So todays prompt is to really give yourself some space and time in your journal to  reflect on what you need to allow the space for…

For me, I am needing to allow space in my head by letting go (for now) of a certain picture of a dream I had, I am not sure this dream the way I have looked at it, for it and to it really looks the way that I have been what feels like trying to force it. I need to release this dream in the way I think it looks or “should” look now to make rom for what wants to grow. I need to create space in my life, in my head by releasing the way it’s been pictured to allow for what it really is.. And that is exciting and scary all at once!

What do you need to make space for?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Allowing Space-Journal Prompt

  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve needed to create space around my art, and your post today was just what I needed to contemplate. I’ve been trying to sell my artwork for a while and just haven’t been getting the results I was hoping for. Your post made me realize that I also need to create space around my dream business.

    Warm regards!

    • Kathryn,
      I am so glad you got some inspiration out of this post! Sending you lots of thoughts of clarity, peace and joy in this clearing of space!

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