Hands- Creative Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls…

When I am documenting and noticing through the lens (and writing too) I like to capture details.. Sometimes a bigger picture tells the story best sometimes focusing in on the details is what tells the story best…

So lets look at that.. One of my favorite ways to capture the details of those I love is to photograph their hands… Could be while they are engaging in something they enjoy, or simply just their hands  on the table or on their lap… Capture the hands of someone you love today through a photo..

Feel like taking the story a bit further? Write a few words about those hands…


(This is an image of my Mothers hands holding a book.. something she is often doing she loves reading…) These hands are hard-working, gentle, firm, generous and full of stories and lessons I hope to learn…

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “Hands- Creative Prompt

  1. How absolutely beautiful…I hadn’t thought of it until reading this, but I *love* hands “in motion”…what a wonderful idea to capture them in photo.

    • Thanks Joy. I am glad you like the idea, it’s something I have done and love and want to do more with more people in my life!

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