Taking Care- Little Inspirations




Hey Inspiring Souls!



I have heard a phrase around lately that really gets my attention and gets me thinking.


Allowing your present self to take care of your future self


I think that there are many times we just don’t think about it or don’t know where to start. Or we assume something will magically make that happen in the future.


When we can start thinking about how we can presently take care of ourselves in a mindful way I do believe that carries over into our future selves.


Some ways I am (all be it sometimes really really slowly) working towards taking care of both my present and future self are:


-Starting a retirement account (within the next few months)


-Yoga and Cardio– Movement of some kind on a regular basis


-Creating and living within a budget (aka my means!)


-Eating healthy (or healthier) food  more and more


-Healing relationships (with others & ourselves)


-Setting up boundaries



-Instilling nourishing practices


While I am not one to suggest that you should dwell on the past I suggest that you think of now what you wish you had done in the past to take care of your current self. This could be a great starting point to get your list going!


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





















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