March Visions

March Vision Collage

March Vision Collage

Hey Creative Souls!

Can you believe it’s March already? Oy where does the time go? It feels though like hardly any time has passed and like it’s flying by all at the same time to me!

March is full of good stuff and lots of introspection for me (my Birthday month!)

In March I want to:


-Publishing my eBook on “living with purpose” boy am I excited about the amazing souls who have said YES to being interviewed for it!

-Giving up my bday for Charity Water ( more on that in the next week or so)

-Create a 37/37 list, a mindful one that belongs all to me and not with any should or “keeping up with” anyone else!

-Accomplish a few more things on my 36/36 list

-21 Meditation Challenge (via Deepak Chopra)

-Create space- declutter

-Read 2 books


-The practices in “The Tranquility Project

-Continue my discovery project for myself

-Timing for next release of Layers of Life-Visual Journal E-Course

-Spring dreams and goals







What do you want to Accomplish, Explore and Feel this month?

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered


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    Time and Money. Things NOT to worry about.

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