Creative Practice- 5 ways


Hey Wonderful Souls!

As you may have guessed if you have been reading my blog for any length of time is that I love creativity! If you are newer here, I LOVE creativity. It’s my way to keep sane, discover and heal! It’s a core value of mine.

So something I find important to keep fresh is my creative practice, it’s something I need to check in with every now and then. It’s easy to let one go when life gets busy. Instead of letting it go, lets redefine it!

5 ways to keep your creative practice fresh!

1-Look at what you do now, don’t look just for the obvious it could even show up as something you do in the kitchen to keep it fresh. What creative acts are you engaging in now?

2-Make a list of what feels creatively juicy to you. While I believe that there are a bunch of ways that creativity shows up for us I think having an idea of what really feels like juicy creative practice is really important. Maybe it doesn’t feel like a creative practice to you unless you are getting your hands messy or drawing or something. What things light you up creatively?

3-Have a variety of things to choose from, especially ones that have a variety of different time commitments involved with them. I have some things that take about 10-20 min or more and i have stuff that I can do that could be 5 minutes. Give yourself some options for moods and times.

4-Try something new, find one or a few new things that you can explore and play around with for your creative practice. Maybe something even what seems unrelated to you, it’s possible some creative practices will inspire and fuel one another! (like drawing and photography)

5-Set yourself up for success, designate a little space (for me it’s a drawer in my creative desk) that I have index cards and some small clippings for mini collages, a little sketchbook for drawing and doodling and a little book for poems etc as well as a few other thing. I can dive into what feels right or what I have time for.

Some things to try for your creative practice could be:




-Documenting (my un-scrapbooking way is a smash book and a few journal cards to slip in to write a little about the photo when I want)


-Writing stories

-Visual Journal

It’s something that I find really important to show up for, even if I don’t always feel like it (and that is when having a variety is really helpful!)

What creative practices do you engage in?

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered



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