Savor the Season- Spring


Hello Wonderful Souls!

Spring is here (or just about) over this direction! While I usually  I am a much bigger fan of the Fall Season. I am ready for Spring and the clean slate it can bring more than ever this year!

Each each  I seek more and more to ways to savor season in all sorts of ways.

Ways to Savor Spring:

-Do a photo project capturing views of the season, like the beautiful blossoms that happen for such a short time or the progression of blooms that surround you.Or choose another creative project  that helps you document the beauty of the season (like drawing things of the season, noting the beautiful spring sounds etc)

-Go to your local Farmers Market and while there: Check out the fruits and veggies of the season (ask the vendors), Pick up some flowers to brighten your space.

-Plant something ( I am planning a mini succulent “garden” maybe just maybe something from a seed to grow as well)

-Get some fresh air

-Buy a little treat for yourself in a favorite spring inspired color! (this does not have to be pricey)

-Buy some fun cleaning supplies or a new green/eco cleaner to do your spring cleaning

-Choose at least 1 spot in your home or life to declutter and  Spring Clean (this can be your closet, a drawer, digital areas, letting go of shoulds, books, relationships etc)

How do you like to Savor the Season?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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