36 while 36 Results

THis is a pic of one of the items on my list-Visual Journal in a Cafe

THis is a pic of one of the items on my list-Visual Journal in a Cafe

Hey Wonderful Souls!


Oh how time goes by so fast! This week is my Birthday (and I have a request for support and a gift over here!) So it’s time to share the results for my 36 while 36 list and in a few days will share with you my 37 while 37 list.

There are a decent amount not done on here, and while I would love to have a great reason for many of them, I just didn’t make some of these a big enough priority (or I way overcomplicated them) Some I simply  just changed my mind, they didn’t feel right. I am really proud of some of them most especially the eBook (number 20 on the list), more on that this week (assuming all goes as planned!)


36 WHILE 36:36 things I want to do, create and experience in my 36th year.. Created 3/28/2012

1-Do a guest series on an inspiring blog! – Starting Sept/Oct

X-2-Photo book with personal add ons like this one–Nope didn’t happen

3-Do a week in the life project again!

X-4-Create floating bookshelves, love the look of these— still on my list to do one of these days, didn’t happen

5-Large watercolor paisley

6-Go to a cafe and visual journal

7-Try a new recipe a month– done-ish!

8-Go see a sunrise on the beach

9-Try embroidery

X-10-Teach a class in person: Changed my mind or chickened out 🙂

X-11-Make a Mala– Never did get around to this

12-Complete, Inner Excavation

X-13-Get and learn Photoshop- Still one day want to do this but for now good with some other great tools to add some oomph

X-14-Mix my own perfume Didn’t happen.. maybe next year… or not!

15- Take  2 classes online that I have been wanting to take

X-16-Be working from home full-time– Still working on this one

17-Explore poetry a bit



X–Go to a local place that has belly dancing on Saturdays to watch– Seriously still haven’t made this one happen.

19-Do a self-portrait a month



20-Create and publish an E-book-– This one shall be done this week, I have it in some of its final stages! I will of course post when it’s ready!

X-21-Be a tourist for the day where I live

22-Start the journey to being financially empowered

(mindful spending, educating myself where I need to, paying down debt, living on a budget)

23-Learn my Instax really well- improved but still more to explore

X-24-Join a community Garden-Changed my mind..

X-25-Launch a website that with my own URL with all the features I really want- Something I am learning and exploring still

26-Do 1 thing a month to get out of my comfort zone

X-27-Give up something for a month– I was more mindful about many things but never did mindfully choose a thing or habit to give up for a month

28-Buy a vintage camera

29-Give back monthly

X–Roll my own sushi- Another one that keeps showing up on my list and seems to elude me.


X-31-Go Vegan for a week–Didn’t happen

X-32-Launch a tele series/group coaching-In the works behind the scenes but not done


33-Plan a trip

X-34-Start really learning Spanish–One day  I may actually be able to keep my word to myself to do this!

35-Work on a healing relationship with my body


36-Choose 3-6 things from my would love to list


I am working on celebrating what i have done and not feeling mad or disappointed in myself for what didn’t happen for whatever reason.


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered






4 responses to “36 while 36 Results

  1. I love your list and you accomplished so much of it! I am inspired to try something like this too. Can’t wait to see what the e-book is : )

    • Thanks Jeni!
      It sure is fun to at least try or to have some ideas of things,little and big that I want to create or explore. The eBook is about living with purpose.. I am really really excited about it! xo

  2. Heather, Congrats on your 36 while I’m 36 list. You finished more than half of what you wanted to do and thats a great achievement. You know my twin & I made a 70 while I’m 70 list and I completed 28 items on my list and alot thats not even on the list…so I feel fanastic about it and will make a new list because my birthday will be in a week. I look forward to the challenge as an adventure to enjoy. I hope your new 37 While I’m 37 will be just as satisfying and rewarding. I look forward to seeing your book. Have a fantastic day. Barbara L

    • toliveinspired

      Thank You Barbara, I guess thats not too bad afterall!

      So happy you and your sister enjoyed your lists xoxxo

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