37 while I am 37- A birthday list


Hello! Wonderful You!

In keeping with Tradition for my Birthday I have made a list of the things that I want to create, experience or do in my year of being 37 (obviously the other years were different ages lol)

I tried to keep in mind some things I learned from last year and the results, adding a   big things in line with my passions and some fun and simple things and some of them are simply things I want to buy that I have been eyeing for a while.

Here is the list in visual form on my Pinterest page

Here is this years list in no particular order!

37 while 37

1-Open a Roth IRA

2-Interview my Folks

3-Create a wardrobe I love (by releasing and investing mindfully)

4-Launch a new Coaching Program

5-Create and release 3 new eCourses

6-Volunteer in person 4 times ( I volunteer for a great place , it’s all virtual though and it will help me expand to volunteer in person)

7-Create monthly Inspired Action themes, naming the month etc (this is an idea I have been inspired by in several places by several people)

8-Collaborations on my blog, in person etc

9-Take at least 5 local classes

10-Creat at least 1 video a month for the blog

11-Read or release the books I have had (ebook and physical book) not read in a year.

12-Create another large canvas and get my hands full of paint!

13-Go on a retreat

14-Meet my friend from Scotland

15-Go to this awesome sounding place Land of the Medicine Buddha it’s less than an hour away.

16-Find and hopefully enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training

17-Take the be your own light course

18-Go to a local flower shop

19-Get a tattoo on my foot

20-Do a list and photo project

21-Invest in a Mentor Session with Kimberly Wilson

22-Try Turmeric spice (It’s come up an amazing number of times for me lately so I am taking that as a sign!)

23-Convert our wedding VHS to a DVD

24-Explore Soul Collage

25-Buy a yellow pen (lol I know this is strange but I have wanted a yellow pen for a while.. just one of those weird things!)

26-Create fabric garland

27-Write a letter a month

28- Buy this amazing piece of artwork

29-Learn to sew

30-Put together a gathering of woman.. not sure what this looks like yet but loving what I can envision so far

31-Create a sticker book of my instagram photos

32-Easily do reverse Prayer Pose

33-Put a pink streak in my hair

34- Get a massage

35-Join a local CSA

36-Make a colored mason jar

37-Invest in some lenses for my iPhone, since that’s the camera I use 99.99% of the time!

There is still time to do good while supporting something I deeply believe in and get a free workshop in exchange. Donate any amount to My Charity Water and get my Journey to Authentic You Workshop for free (self paced!)

It does occur to me now looking at this, that it seems more intense than last year in some ways.. but you know it feels more Authentic too and my word this year is Expand, and I want to Expand Boldly in many ways and this list seems to reflect this for me!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


4 responses to “37 while I am 37- A birthday list

  1. Excellent. Wonderful. Fantastic. Thank you for your practice.

  2. what a fab list! Have a wonderful year 🙂

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