5 Ways-Supporting Empowered Self-Talk


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Recently I have had conversations with a few different people who I noticed were talking really negative about themselves. Frankly they were not even aware of it to the level it was until I pointed it out. Self talk (the things we say to and about ourselves) is so important and so easy to just ignore because it’s not something we have learned to be very aware of.

The way we talk about ourselves teaches other people how to treat us in many ways. The people around us especially younger kids will pick up on the way we are talking to and about ourselves and often they can mirror it. In other words Self-Talk is VERY powerful in creating the life we want and even in our relationships.

So lets look at 5 ways to support having Empowered Self-Talk

1-Ask yourself what you need to hear. Maybe you need to hear it’s all going to be ok, maybe you need to hear you are worthy, beautiful and brave. Ask yourself and answer them in your journal, write notes and post them to yourself in your planner on your mirrors etc.

2-Start to notice and swap your negative self-talk into more empowered self-talk thought by though. So for example if you say: “I am so stupid I can’t believe I did that” you could swap it with. “I didn’t make the most mindful choice and I can choose better next time” Even if you don’t swap the talk the very act of starting to notice is very powerful the more you notice the more you can catch yourself in the act and challenge that thought.

3-Mirror work- Looking at yourself  in the mirror really looking at yourself in the eyes can feel uncomfortable at first. However just ease into it, do it once or a bunch of times a day. Look yourself in the eyes and: Tell yourself what you appreciate,like or find good about yourself (your eyes, willingness to learn etc) Look at yourself and say that thing you need to hear (see tip 1)

4-Practice affirmations. These are phrases that are in the present tense, and affirming of a feeling, thought or situation. Things like: I am enough as I am. My present self lovingly takes care of my future self. I engage in purposeful actions on a daily basis.

5-Write reminders on yourself! Yup I am suggesting you scribble on your body! I have seen several people do this. It can be as big or as subtle s you would like. Get a sharpie and make a reminder or love note to yourself on yourself! (A heart on your wrist, a reminder of the word you want to guide your day by etc. )

If you do nothing else simply the act of noticing how you talk to and about yourself can start to shift it. There is a difference between being truthful with yourself and being demeaning to yourself.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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