Pockets of Space- Litte Inspirations




Hey Inspiring Souls!


As I may have mentioned once or a thousand times 😉 I am always looking for inspiration. This inspiration comes in all sorts of ways books, podcasts, blogs, tasks, hobbies, magazines etc.


However as with anything even good things we love sometimes we find that instead of inspiration or opportunity mode we have gone into obligation mode. The thing that inspired me to start thinking about this the last few days actually was some library books and few other things that I started to feel obligated to finish, when really I needed to create the space in my schedule and mind for things that I really wanted to read or listen to. But this spaciousness can come in other areas.


Create Pockets of space by:


Letting go


Not finishing that book


Scheduling in free time



Taking that 5 minutes to follow your inspiration


Unsubscribing from that blog, newsletter, facebook page


Prepping dinner early


Closing your eyes, taking a real deep soulful breath, even if just for a minute.


10 minute clutter blitz ( setting a timer and just grabbing all the obvious clutter or stuff to put away etc that you can ) this creates physical space and a clearer physical space can often = a clearer mental space.


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



















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