Power of Thoughts- May theme


Hey Inspiring Souls!

So starting last month (and on my 37/37  list) I decided to have a theme each month to focus extra energy into. Last month was “Release” this month the theme is “The Power of Thoughts” Though last month went Ok but not great to what I had first envisioned, I am releasing that expectation I set for myself. And it just made me realize all the more how much I need this months theme!

Actually when I was deciding what this months theme should be I originally thought “Action” or as I would refer to it “Inspired Action” but the more I thought about it the more I realized  that it’s my thoughts, expectations and fear that are keeping me from that action so wouldn’t that make more sense to focus on instead and maybe even by default some inspired action will be happening along in this process as well?

I would say that most everyone who knows me would see me as a fairly positive person. Yet somehow I have realized recently that I have had a tendency for years to think in terms of lack.

Now this wasn’t obvious to me until recently. A mindset of lack showed up for me in many different ways.

Allowing myself to be defeated before I start at times, thinking things like “ I can’t afford it, I wouldn’t be able to, I am not qualified, I don’t want to bother them/be high maintainance , there is no way__ etc.

It shows up in the mindset of waiting until: Waiting until I have more money, time, better circumstances, when this relationship heals and the list goes on and on. This is also a mindset of lack as it implies that what I have both internally and externally is not enough as if I am missing something or someone. It comes in seemingly silly ways of holding onto new stuff for the “perfect” thing or waiting to wear that new outfit until I get my haircut (a long overdue need!)

Frankly I could go on and on in the examples. However I won’t , though I believe looking at where we are in a situation is a very important thing for knowing where we want to get to. I believe that the key to starting the healing in this situation is to counteract my disempowering thoughts and thoughts of lack into ones of empowerment and abundance.

Some ways I am working on doing that this month are:

-Gathering inspiration, affirmations and ideas via pinterest (creating a board for each month/theme) Here is May’s 

-Reading a daily devotional on affirming thoughts

-Daily affirmations

-Wearing and using that stuff that I have been saving until.

-Looking for the lesson and abundance (abundance is the opposite of lack) in my everyday life, through lists, the lens and speaking it, noticing it.

-Posting my heart resolutions up


-Engaging in my own advice on Self-Talk- when I notice myself saying negative things turn them around into more empowering statements. (example: I can’t afford it instead: I choose not to spend my money this way. Example: That was stupid Instead I didn’t make the most empowering choice (or I did my best) I can choose differently next time.)


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





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