Inspired by Pinterest-Easy DIY’s to try

Hey Inspiring Souls!

It’s no secret I ADORE pinterest and I have found some great ideas, blogs, recipes and DIY ideas on there. Some are just collected to swoon over others are actions I want to take or things i want to reference. There is also my DIY Inspiration board that houses many a great DIY ideas and you know I actually get to them sometimes!

Here are a few that I was inspired by and my result of them!

“Floating” bookshelves inspired by this pin

And below my result. I have so much inspiration taking over the wall space I didn’t have a ton of room but this spot above my desk was perfect for some of my fave books to reference!


About a year and a half ago maybe more I painted my first canvas, it was a small one and I really liked it then. I was sort of ready to move on from it so I had it shoved in the closet until I could figure out what to do. Enter this pin for inspiration:  I have seen a few things like this idea taking old thrift store frames and doing this sort of thing to repurpose.

And my result: (and a shot of the before!)





I may have shared this one before, but if not here it is! I have done this twice now it really is fairly easy and forgiving! Pin that inspired:



And a fave that I must do again (but I have done a few times) is this recipe, so easy and really tasty!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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