Friday Five Faves -Visual Journal tools


Hey Beautiful Souls!

I love to share inspiration and I do so every once in a while but I have been wanting  to find a way to share more of my favorite things. I mean really there is SO much good stuff out there! So I thought instead of trying to get myself to do inspiration links every week (and lots of people do that) I would do them in themes so welcome to the first “Friday Five Faves” I will share 5 of my favorite things for all sorts of themes, etsy shops, shows, songs, quotes, products for… , sites and so on.

I LOVE visual journaling (and have a workshop coming up in the first few days of June for Layers of Life, visual journaling) so I though I would share my 5 fave products for visual journaling.

FIVE FAVE: Visual Journal Products

1-Paper tape (some varieties being Washi tape) this site has good prices and fairly fast service however you can now get this type of tape and washi tape at craft stores and on

2-Colored pens there are lots of types of pens including gel pens and those are great, but I have found these to be a fun addition to my journaling visual (and otherwise actually!)

3-Great glue stick, I know you would think a glue stick is just a glue stick. But it makes a difference when you do lots of collage with magazine images and photos like I do!

4-This Journal -I have tried a variety of journals this is my current one. I have tried spiral, bound, small and big I like the size if this one and the spiral also the paper is thick enough to take a bit of a beating (aka paint!) I usually get mine at the craft store with a coupon. If your new to visual journaling , play around with sizes and bindings.

5-Inexpensive paint ( I have used this brand) just about every craft store has a inexpensive variety though these days and some great water-color selections my fave being a set of “cake” or pan ones from Michael’s craft store for $5

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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