9 ways to show up for yourself




Hey Wonderful Souls!


A phrase that keeps coming up for me is: Showing up for myself. Or when I am talking to you, showing up for yourself. 


For me that means, different things at different times in my life. As I am sure it will for you.


It means building self-trust in yourself by keeping your promises to yourself, taking care of yourself (mind, body, soul) and giving yourself support. 


Lets look at 9 ways that you can show up for yourself. Not all 9 may feel right for you and that is totally ok. Maybe just one will resonate with you but that could be just the one you need. 


  1. Show up on the mat (that one that comes up for me, showing up for myself on my yoga mat) For you it might be showing up in your walk, at the Gym, Run, Sports or dancing (or any other way to move your body!) 

  2. Watch your promises, most of all to yourself. Really often we are not even aware of what we are promising ourselves. And really we mean it at the time on some level. But then when we don’t do it we have disappointment in ourselves and therefore lack of self-trust. 

  3. Nourish your body, listen to it. One of the best ways we can show up for ourselves is nourishing our health along with #1 above you can show up for yourself by listening to the messages your body is giving you. Drink plenty of water, eat food that make you feel good (and this comes by noticing what foods might drag your energy down, bother your stomach, make you feel heavy etc) 

  4. Show up to those things that give you pleasure. For me If I am not showing up for myself with regular creating (even if that is only a few minutes a day or an hour a week) I feel the difference. I feel disconnected from myself.

  5. Show up for yourself by engaging in those practices that support your best self, that nourish you. Maybe it’s journaling, listening to music, daily spiritual practice. Whatever it is for you, give yourself the gift of showing up for it (and in turn yourself.) Need support on this? check out my Clarity Coaching Sessions this is exactly the type of thing that it’s perfect for! 

  6. Listen to those whispers.. Notice what things you keep wanting to do, learn, express and allow yourself to do so even if in small ways. Do you keep feeling a desire to take that class, start that blog, write that book? Start small , start now! 

  7. Take a real, soulful deep breath. Sometimes what we simply need is to just stop even for a moment and breath. 

  8. Talk nice to yourself. A really beautiful way to show up for yourself is by showing yourself a bit of kindness. Remind yourself that your going to be ok, that you are enough, that you are doing the best you can each moment, that you are powerful, guided. 

  9. Don’t overcomplicate things. Ok look as someone who is a major over-thinker and often over complicates things that really don’t  need to be I get that this can be easier said then done! I am all for following that vision of how you want things to look, feel, be. But you have got to start somewhere if you are waiting for it all to be perfect that’s another way to keep yourself from living the life you desire. So instead of waiting to have the time to sit down and journal all your dreams, start a list on your phone, a napkin it doesn’t matter just start it with what you have and where you are. Instead of waiting for being able to afford Yoga teacher training, start reading the texts and showing up on that mat in order to deepen your practice. Instead of waiting to have that proposal done, the right tool for self publishing or whatever else before you write that book, start a folder on your computer for all that you have written already-show up for 5 minutes a day to your page. 



#2 and #9 are calling to me. What one(s) feel like they are calling to you?

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered












9 responses to “9 ways to show up for yourself

  1. Great post. We need reminders such as this to take care of ourselves while enjoying life. Right now #2 and #3 are the ones I’m most drawn to. I recently spent time in Spain and France and saw that the people there stay slim while eating for pleasure. I borrowed the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and am determined to follow its guidelines.

    • toliveinspired

      thanks for stopping by! Ah how so many of us totally relate to 2 don’t we?! It’s powerful to nourish our bodies without depriving and still giving it the things it wants, truly wants I hope it’s a wonderful journey for you and something that works well for you!

  2. Amazing post; what a fantastic way of looking at what can be a very difficult thing to think about!

  3. #2 is my challenge, with myself, not with others…I was just affirming it to myself this morning…I will go out of my way to be impeccable with my word to others, but to myself, I sometimes let it slide in small ways, that add up–for example, I told myself yesterday that I would use my next $20 for a pizza treat with the kids. And, then I spent an afternoon talking myself out of it. In the past, I would have kept it there, but I am honoring my word to myself, so I vested in the pizza treat (*grin* which was really me wanting it, the kids had no idea until I ordered!). The rest I have become quite consistent with in the last year, I have found it to be life-changing to vest presence to self (as in being) first, then connect and create…and then to keep checking in throughout the day!

    • toliveinspired

      Joy, Thanks for connecting. That is great that you talked yourself through it instead of around it. It’s interesting the way this trouble with allowing ourselves certain things comes up isn’t it? Grerat noticing!

  4. So funny, #2 and #9 were also the reminders that talked me the most! Thank you for a wonderful inspiration list beautiful!

  5. #1 and #3 could do with improvement when it comes to me 🙂

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