June theme: Connection and some goodies for you!


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Every month I am doing a theme last month was “Power of Thoughts” I have to say that it proved to be a really powerful theme for me. One I will carry forward with me and continue on with (as is true with many of the themes I will choose going forward) I am more aware of where I think and speak in lack, defeat and fear. Some great things have happened, internally and externally.

This months theme is “Connect” this is a word that for me is one of my core values and has many layers of meaning for me. Connect with myself, my spirituality, my body, in relationships and the list goes on.. It’s a multi layered word.

A few ways I will be connecting this month:

  • Gather images, ideas, articles, words etc on my Pinterest board for June theme Connect
  • Go to AZ to see my sister-in-law and her ever-growing little family ❤
  • Reach out more to those I love, to those I admire
  • Yoga and plenty of water, this helps me connect and take care of my body
  • Daily spiritual practice
  • Go to the Ocean
  • Journal, write lots!
  • Date with hubby 

Those are a few ways I will be connecting this month. I would also LOVE to connect with you awesome souls! I have a few offers for you that I really hope you will take advantage of. I want to connect with you, I also deeply want to support you in connecting with your life, inspiration, values -Creating practices that support you in creating a life you love.

  1. Layers of Life- Visual Journal eCourse, I have lowered the price for the summer session to $10 (from $28) it’s 5 weeks of exploration of you, your journal and your life and what inspires you.
  2.  I am doing 15 for $15: Clarity Coaching Sessions, check out the full explanation here. They are week-long email coaching sessions to help support you in getting clear on a specific topic of your choosing, they are perfect for getting deeply clear on your values, setting up practices that help you support the life want to create. I would LOVE for you to be one of the 15! These sessions are normally $37Here is to living Inspired, Creative and EmpoweredHeather



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