Inspired Living Series- Carolan Deacon


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am SO excited to bring this new series to life. Inspired Living, this will be a new 2x a month guest post series that brings some great people to you. This series will cover all sorts of things from Inspiration, DIY, Creativity, Personal Growth and all sorts of other stuff!

The very first guest for this series is a truly talented, kind and wonderful Soul. Carolan Deacon. I met her (virtually)  in an online and have felt connected ever since. I was instantly drawn in by her amazing music and message and sweet soul.

And now onto getting to know her…

I used to wake up anxious. Immediately upon waking, my mind would start the looping worry thoughts, the fear, the powerless feelings and the anxiety.

I felt at the mercy of my own head with nowhere to escape to because I could not control the panic attacks and I could not control the obsessive worry and sense of impending doom that followed me everywhere.

Fast forward several years later and a lot of ‘trial and error’ and here I am today: I am happy, focused and anxiety is nowhere on my radar.


 “Affirmative music and Setting Specific Intentions for My Day.”        

As a professional performer and vocalist, music and performing had always taken center stage in my life but for a long time, I was unaware of the healing capacity of music and it’s unique ability to create new neural pathways and new thought patterns. Yep, it works.  Easily…

For me, when I was able to connect the memory-enhancing power of song with the power of intention; my life and my outlook shifted beautifully without me having to push or work at it.

I would like to share this very special music and wellness video with you.

Get comfortable, click play and enjoy two powerful healing modalities that will change your life.

Music and Intention– the song below “Intend” can be used as your wakeup call each morning to help you remember to set your intention before you get out of bed. 


Carolan Deacon

‘I am the founder of ‘Ease & Grace Circle and Private Coaching’, Healing Songstress and Illuminator of Beauty and Truth, maybe yours. J

Connect with me at for free music, healing wellness and more…and


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