Inspired Living Series- Dan Shafer


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am happy to share another installment in the new series “Inspired Living” I am happy to share a guest post from my Father- Dan Shafer a very wise and Soulful fella! Read on for some great food for thought!

Pay Close Attention to Your Use of the Words “I AM”

How you choose to end any sentence that begins with “I AM” can set in motion a Universal Energy that can have dramatic impact on your life. In fact, “I AM” are the two most powerful words in the English language.

Any time you start a sentence with these words, you are sending a message to three different audiences:

* yourself

* those who hear or read you

* God (Spirit, Universe, Allah, whatever you choose to call the Higher Power)

if you follow these two words with a negative trait such as “ill” or “broke” or “stupid” or “fat” or “evil”, you will be reinforcing a negative self-image you have already created for yourself. And the problem with self-image is that it too often translates into self-destiny. Having someone else tell you that you are any of those things is bad enough. When you reinforce that belief in yourself, you run a grave risk of believing it. And what you believe, you most likely become.

People you deal with learn from you how to deal with you and what to think of you. If you tell a business colleague or a friend or a loved one, “I am forgetful,” don’t be surprised if they respond two ways: first, by reassuring you that you are not forgetful; and second, by being sure to remind you of things they need you to remember! If you find people nagging you about things that you do or don’t do, ask yourself if you’ve encouraged that behavior by the way you talk about yourself to them.

Finally, the Universe is a fundamentally benevolent place. It wants you to have everything you want and need. After all, It gave you life. So if you say, for example, “I’m broke,” the Universe thinks, “Oh, I get it. You want me to prove your belief in being broke.” And in that case, what do you suppose starts showing up in your material life?

IMG_0436 I have a lot more to say about this in my book, The Power of I AM: Claiming Your Inherent Power to Consciously Create a Life of Purpose, Meaning and Joy. Find out more at where you can read a free sample chapter and watch a free video.


One response to “Inspired Living Series- Dan Shafer

  1. Great post! I believe that the very best way to find inspiration in life is through the core values for inspired living: opportunity, prosperity, respect, attitude, and happiness.

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