Inspired Living Series-Gwynn Raimondi


Hey Inspiring Souls!

This week I am happy to introduce you to another Inspiring Soul Gwynn, she is another lovely and awesome person I “met” in an online group, I have also taken a few of her eCourses and loved them! She is compassionate and supportive and I think you going to love her!


I believe in the power of our connections: to others, to ourselves. I believe in community, in tribes. I believe listening to the wisdom of our own bodies. I believe in mindfulness and breath. I believe in healing and releasing. I believe in leaving a place so you can come back to it later.

I believe in surrendering to and accepting our humanity. I believe in Being.

Through my body centered mindfulness practice I have found peace, calm. I have found that being in my body is comfortable. I have found pleasure in savoring my senses. I have found joy, deep laughter and play. I have found sorrow, release and body-shaking tears. I have found my Self. I have come Home, again and again.

With all this connection, to my Self, to Others, to the Present Moment I have fallen in love, over and over, with my life, now. My imperfect, messy, beautiful life. My life that is filled with struggles and stress and yet I find myself calm, at peace, in-love with it, all of it. I have released fear and my grasping attempts to control. I have learned to be. Simply be.

It is the most freeing feeling in the world.

There are two quick exercises I do throughout the day that help me find my center, one help me connect to myself and the other helps me connect not only to myself, but to another person who I am very close to.

The first is a quick body scan. I breathe deeply and slowly into my pelvic area (if you can’t bring your breath that deep into your body yet, bring it as deep as you can), hold it for a moment and then as a slowly release, I “check in” with each of my body parts, starting at my toes and moving up, simply noticing areas of soreness or tightness. This usually takes about two whole deep slow breaths to scan my entire body. I do this 2-3 times a day as a check in. I know that when I find areas of tightness that I am likely stressed or anxious about something and that I am also probably acting not entirely pleasant with those I love. Having this reminder to feel what is happening in my body helps me to be more aware of what is happening in my emotions and allows me to stop myself from spiraling into an emotional abyss before it’s too late.

The second exercise needs a partner, someone you are very close to, have a deep connection with and want to connect even deeper. For me, these two people are my daughter and my husband. This is what you do: Ask the other person if you can listen to his or her heartbeat and if he or she says yes, do so. Hear the heartbeat and focus on the rhythm. Notice what happens to your own body as you listen. I find myself calming and my muscles loosening and it helps to bring home the true humanity of the other person, for me.

May you find deep connection, to your Self, to those you love and to the world today, and every day.
me and gel wind squareGwynn Raimondi is a compassionate body-centered mindfulness guide and a cultivator of pleasure and play.  She inspires deeply grounded connections in the lives of many through her writing, e-courses and one-on-one coaching. She can be found online at and on Facebook.


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