Friday 5 Faves- Live With Purpose


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am of the belief that you don’t have to know what your purpose is in life to live a life with purpose. In fact I believe this so much I wrote an eBook on it!

Living with purpose isn’t always tied to what you do, it’s more about how you show up, it’s about living with Intention

Here are my 5  of my favorite ways to live with purpose:

  1.  Showing kindness, showing kindness is a beautiful way to live with purpose. It’s not always easy when we often feel like acting out of emotion, hurt or hurry. However showing kindness to others or yourself can show up in many different ways. The way you talk to yourself, the way you take care of your body, connecting with those you live with and offering a sweet gesture or kind word, smiling at a stranger, looking the cashier in the eye, being kind to the environment by bringing a reusable bag, taking the time to sort your recycling. Kindness has many faces.2-By setting intentions and actions for each month. The monthly intentions are themes so to speak. I will often start with a list of the things I know I need to do or really want to do (explore, create, etc. ) for each month. Then ask myself how do I want it to feel that month, is there a theme emerging or is one calling to me that seemingly has nothing to do with my lists. If I can’t think of one right off the bat I make a list of words that I want to feel that month and let it emerge from there.

    3-Inspiration, seeking it and spreading it. I seek inspiration on a daily basis, I also do my best to live a life that inspires others to live with more inspiration, creativity and empowerment in their lives.

    4-Do Gooding, Giving back. This shows up in a variety of ways and they don’t even have to cost you anything. Spreading the word about a cause you believe in, sharing the work and inspiration of those that you admire, connect with and love. Volunteering your time, service, saying a prayer for someone, leaving a note of encouragement for a stranger or sending one to someone you care about (send a postcard, send an email, text, make a call)

    5-By continuing to create a practice of engaging in things that are allowing my present self to lovingly take care of my future self. Such as movement, plenty of water, sleep, connection.

    Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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