Create Room- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Lately there are things in my life that are shifting both outer situations and inner shifts life is getting full right now, in good ways. It keeps bringing to light to me that I need to create some spaciousness in my life to make room for what I want. So I am in the midst of doing just that by reminding myself of a few things, one of them being that sometimes we need to put those things that are good aside for something better.

Ask yourself What do I need to create room for in my life?

Maybe its physical room, mental, time, or something else.

For me it’s time and mental, one of the ways I am doing this is by not taking so many online workshops (and I deeply love online workshops!) So for now though there are a few that look really good, I need to remember I am giving up something good for something better and creating some spaciousness in my life.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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