Friday 5 Faves- Ways to use lists


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I LOVE lists! I am fairly sure there is not a day (or at least 2 days) that go by where I am not making some kind of list or another.. Here are 5 fave ways to use lists. It happens in my journal, on posts it’s, on my notes app on my phone.. Lists everywhere!

  1. To do: The obvious way to use lists, however it’s a lifesaver for me. My favorite tool being the planner pad, but really any piece of paper or blank document will work.
  2. Braindump- You may have heard this term before. It’s simply a list of all the stuff that is on your mind, the to do’s, undones, want to do’s, want to create, pissing you off, and so on. This is a way to just get things off of your mind, don’t worry about what is feasible, what is priority or anything else at first, just let it out!
  3. Soul Whispers- What messages are tugging at you? What is it that you really want in your life?
  4. Goals and Dreams
  5. Journaling: Creating lists is journaling, some ideas/prompts-Create a To Be List, A list of 5 random things about you, Gratitude

Do you make lists? What are your favorite ones to make?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Friday 5 Faves- Ways to use lists

  1. My favorite list is my 71 for 71

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