October Visions- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Can you believe it’s October already?

I am a fan of having a monthly list and vision board for your goals for that month. So lets make that this week’s journal prompt

Ask yourself: What are my October goals, dreams, to do’s and intentions? Make sure you are on that list not just tasks!

I like to set a theme for each month, it’s a way to set a tone and intention for the month. For me October is Connection.

Some ideas on doing this monthly visioning/planning:

1-Grab an image and a marker or pen and jot down the things you want from this month (stick it in your planner or on your fridge or some place you will see regularly.

2-Choose a word for the month, something that encompasses what you want your focus to be, keep that word in front of you (type it, write it, find an image that depicts it)

3-Create a collage that represents what you want to do, create etc for the month. I put mine in my planner, but this can be done and posted in a place that  will work for you (that you see often, or can easily get to)

4-Create a list of inspiration for the month, and choose say your top 3 things you want to do or accomplish

Some of mine are”

-Host Tranquility Tour (SO excited about this!0

-Gain clarity on some decisions I need to make by connecting with what my life is telling me right now.

-Connect with some local people

-Connect with family that is visiting this month

-Gather some “tools” for fall (like pumpkin candle, a few warming recipes, a list of what I need for fall clothing)

-Complete the linen closet, declutter and start the re organizing of it

Those are some of mine, what are yours?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “October Visions- Journal Prompt

  1. I love your goals and dreams for October and yes, where did this year disappear. I feel that it was just the end of the last year when I was thinking my guiding word for 2013.. Some of my goals for October that I have been putting off for too long include researching some local dance studios and getting back to classes, starting to write an ebook and getting a massage.

    • Hey Merja!
      Thanks so much, Yes, it’s crazy but I am trying to focus on less denying lol and more savoring of where we are! I hope your goals and month unfold beautifully!

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