Friday 5 Faves- Q’s to Check in with myself


Hey Wonderful Souls!

Sometimes it can be too easy to get caught up in the moment of stress, drama, fear or overwhelm. I find it helpful and grounding to have some questions to check in with myself during times like these .

1-What is the blessing or lesson in this? I am not always saying I can name it or even see it at that point, but it can help to up your awareness to be open to what it might be.

2-Is this choice coming from a place of fear or faith?

3-Simply the word “Truth” in my journaling, that helps me get a bit more honest with what’s going on in my head!

4-What actions are really going to move me in the direction of the vision?

5-What really needs to happen here, what is my priority today (this week etc.) With so much stuff always to get done, explore learn etc. it can feel like everything needs to happen right now and that we are always behind (a feeling I am familiar with, especially lately!) This question can help you narrow down your list and lessen the overwhelm.

Do you have any questions that you use to check in with yourself?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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