Friday 5 Faves-Takeaways Tranquility Tour

tranquilitytourpodcast pic kimberly and me!

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Wednesday October 23rd I was blessed to host Kimberly Wilson for the Tranquility Tour. This for me was a dream come true. Kimberly is usually only in the DC area, but about 6 weeks ago she embarked on a 2 month tour and giving pop ups (3 hour workshops and a copy of her limited edition Tranquilogie book, I highly recommend it) and I hosted the Monterey edition J

Other than being able to meet someone I deeply admire and support one of my biggest reminders/realizations was: Going out of your comfort zone grows you. It’s not always obvious at the time how, but it does. I am a creature of habit so this was out of my comfort zone but it was a fun experience!

Here are my 5 fave things I learned from the Tranquility Tour:

1-Tonglin meditation, while this is something I have heard her talk about (and even teach in one of the months for Tranquilogie) I never really did sit down and engage in it. It’s simply a beautiful practice that I have used almost daily since the event!

2- Little touches go a long way, this is something she touches on but also it’s something that shines through everything she does. This is something I really admire. There are so many times where we feel we have to or “should” shut down a part of ourselves or we feel like it takes too much effort to do those extra touches. This is something I will incorporate into more areas of my life.

3-That there are multiple types of mindfulness, she put them into categories of formal and informal. And it was nice to find out that I engage in several without even being aware that is what I was doing!

4-Style is more than how you dress. She explains style as the way you communicate, dress, decorate, eat etc. I would say she has sort of a holistic view of style.

5-Tranquility Practices: She gives several tips for these, she also notes that many of us have these practices or know what ours are we are just not aware that they are tranquility practices. Like reading, journaling, lighting a candle, going out in nature, meditation, yoga, creating/crafting.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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