Create an Inspiring Holiday eCourse launch!


Hey Beautiful Souls!

I am SO excited to announce a new eCourse “Create an Inspiring Holiday” everything I create is something from my heart. This one feels especially so as it’s something I so need as well. The last few years have felt like dread when it came to the holidays. I want to change that and I want to help you do the same or at the very least see your holiday time with a bit more of inspiration and openness! Here is what it is all about:

I know for many of us we have had these visions of what the holidays “should” be or used to be. I know that has been true for me, as life shifts the things that make us feel connected to the holidays often get put aside for one reason or another.

This eCourse is not about painting a picture perfect holiday, it is about being open to see what is right in front of us, starting where we are and about  what helps us feel connected to the holiday, the season. This eCourse is all about creating and noticing inspiration in your holiday season in doable, time and budget friendly ways.

  • The sacred in your everyday, document your holiday season with inspiring prompts for your journal and for your camera (and yes camera phone totally counts!)
  • Handmade DIY’s (for gifts or for yourself!)
  • Holiday projects to connect you and the ones you love
  • Time friendly creative and self-care practices and prompts to help you feed your soul in the midst of the holiday buzz.
  • Creating new or rekindling “old” traditions
  • Mindfulness practices (these can help you with the chaos of the holidays or family gatherings) connect to your breath, body and needs during this full season.
  • Recipes (easy time friendly ideas, because frankly I don’t do complicated in the kitchen!-though I do love yummy!)

I have created this eCourse out of my own need and those needs I have heard from clients. A need/desire to see the beauty in what can seem like chaos, to embrace traditions. You will get 6 weeks  and typically @ 4 emails a week.

I have a beautiful lineup of guests contributing for several of the subjects!

$19 Sign up here! *A friend can get this eCourse for free when you sign up!  It is the season of giving after all! Simply in the comments to seller section in PayPal put your friends email (make sure they are ok with it first please 🙂

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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