Lately, Soul Musing


Hey Beautiful Souls.. Some thoughts and feelings that have come up lately.. what has your lately felt like?




I feel like there are words, shifts, inspirations  bubbling up to the surface






I find myself craving more and more moments of real comfort, not the “numbing comfort” but real comfort the kind that nourishes you.






I find myself seeking to create more space to just listen






I am finding that I am opening up again to the sacred of everyday and documenting it more and more (after a short period of time where I felt resistance)






I am finding the some of what I resist is because it’s bound to grow me, so it’s the very “stuff” I need to lean into (sooo much easier said than done right?!)





I find myself wondering what you are up to, what dreams do you have bubbling to the surface of your soul?

  Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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