December Visions -November Reflections- Journal Promt


Wowzer, it’s already December! Where does the time go? As I have mentioned before I create a monthly list and a mini vision board (in my planner) of what I want to do, create, accomplish etc. For each month! Not everything always happens, but it certainly helps to keep me heading in a mindful and inspired direction for the month!

Ask yourself: What do I want to, Do, accomplish, feel, create and explore this month?

What was November like? What did I learn, create, accomplish, feel?

This time of year I am really focused on reflecting and visioning, I encourage you to add that into your December visions!

November marked mine and hubby’s 18  year anniversary! I felt fairly good overall, there were times where I felt like I was going in circles and other times where I felt really focused and in the zone! I created several craftier things in November than I have in a while so that was great! I am really close to completing some other projects that I had hoped to have done by now (technology issues!) There was an extreme amount of family health stuff, but all of it seems to be going in a good direction so that is really great (and along with that it has brought some healing to the surface as well as more challenges!)

So what are your December visions/intentions? What was your November like?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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