It’s time.. Seriously- Soul Notes



Hey Beautiful Soul.. These are some messages I needed to remind myself of, maybe for you too?

It’s Time..

To Celebrate where you have expanded, released grown

To Open yourself to the messages that are on the Surface of your Soul

To Let it go






Ask for what you want

Say NO to what you don’t want (to what does not inspire, support, grow you)

To feed yourself what you are truly hungry for (it may or may not be food)

To engage in the actions that truly support the vision, not just stand on the edge of them but be all in-fears and all

To make some hard choices (hint.. those are sometimes disguised as simplifying)

To say YES (hint sometimes it’s loud and juicy, other times it’s quite and but you can feel it with all  that you are)

To explore the resistance a bit (there is often what you seek most within it)


Take Baby steps

To start

To stop with the excuses

To Name “it” for what it is (likely fear-this little f-er shows up in all sorts of ways!)

To engage in daily acts of courage (and sometimes that is just getting up, other times it’s making that phone call it’s going to look different for many of us and that is truly OK!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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