The Truth Is.. Soul Musings


Hey Wonderful Souls!

Sometimes when I am writing and resisting I will start with the word “Truth” or “The Truth is” it has a way of helping me to peel back some of the layers.

The Truth is..



Sometimes I just don’t know


Sometimes I do know but a part of me is not ready (but when will it ever be, “it” can keep us so “Safe” that we are not even fully engaging with our own lives.



The Truth is…



I am ready and scared shitless all in the same breath


Sometimes in these moments  fear gets the upper hand and sometimes courage does, I am learning (oh so very slowly) to give myself grace when it’s the fear “winning”



The Truth is…



I am (as many of us are I bet) a person full of contradictions that sometimes totally make sense to me and other times confuse me.



The Truth is…



There is that part of me that doesn’t know, I am really not all that patient with it so much of the time, I want to get the big ah ha that will finally propel me into my dreams (like now would be good thanks!)



The Truth is…



I feel it on the tip of  my soul ready to burst through, yet needing to slow down and listen to allow it do so in its way and time (That is hard for this instant gratification loving gal!)



The Truth is…



I sometimes use the “I don’t know” as a way to avoid what I do know but am uncomfortable doing, speaking, owning.



The Truth is..



So much of what I seek is right there in front of me or within me, I am just expecting (or wishing) it would look different. (This is like having a clenched fist- you know the kind where your nails are digging into your flesh- and wondering why the person you love will not hold your hand)



The Truth is…

I sometimes think I forgot how to dream big and other times realize that A) Just because my dreams may not look like someone else it doesn’t mean it’s not big to me B) I do dream big, I just have allowed myself to keep shoving them down because they seemed so out of reach (this is what I refer to as declaring defeat before I even start, must stop doing that!)

The Truth is…

It’s  a Journey, full of so many layers, sometimes we are peeling these layers back or away other times it feels like these layers are piled on 🙂 Whatever it is, and sometimes it will be be both at once, it’s all perfectly imperfect, and beautiful and part of the process.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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