10 Ways to reflect on 2013


1-Journal about it

2-Write a letter to the year (ideas to get you started: Dear 2013 – What was good, what was a struggle, celebrations, remembering, gain, loss)

3-Create a collage of images you captured throughout the year, use Walgreens, picmonkey or phone apps to do this

4-Make a list of the things you want to remember from this year

5-Print out 12 of your favorite images and put them into your journal (with any of the above!)

6-What were the best: Moments, Decisions, things I learned, meals I ate, workshops I took, books I read, movies I saw.. In other words a list of some of your favorites!

7-Recall moments, big and small. What brought you joy? What grew you? What jolted you? What opened you?

8-Reference your word, heart resolutions, vision board how did these things unfold?

9-Recall lessons learned this year

10-What did you say “Hello” to, what did or would you like to say “Goodbye” to?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “10 Ways to reflect on 2013

  1. 6. What were the best. . . what???

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