Dear 2013


Hello Beautiful Souls!

Every year I write a letter to the year coming to a close, I find this a really helpful way to bring the year to a close and feel ready to welcome the new year. Below is my letter to 2013 however you can add in as much detail as you want for a letter like this. Maybe there are big moments, celebrations, gains, losses etc that you want to capture in this letter do it your way, let it flow out!

Dear 2013,

Wow what a year you have been. First I want to say Thank You for all the lessons learned and lessons you are still trying to teach me. For all the blessings (even those cleverly disguised!) and for the connection, clarity and inspiration you brought me, in moments and ways of all sizes!

You sure were a tough year for my family’s health, however you also held healing within you in more than one way.

My word for you was Expand, and that I did. I expanded in some unexpected ways and other hoped for ways I did not, but I trust that you brought me exactly the expanding that I was ready and willing to take in and that was setting a good foundation for what 2014 will offer and hold.

You brought me community and connection bit by bit. You brought me a renewed vision and passion for my Soul Work (in multiple ways)

I explored my creative courage a bit more, finding my truth in unexpected places or ways. There were times where I felt I lost myself in the settling, and the other times I showed up as myself more than ever.

There were  times I felt  stuck in the same place and other times where I felt like I shifted and expanded in big, bold ways (and remembering that even that can be subtle!) – One of those ways was meeting my longtime shero Kimberly Wilson (hosting her Tranquilty Tour here in Monterey!)

Boy did you offer up a lot of online workshops, I dove into a huge number of those.

I created workshops and soul musings more than ever and that has opened me to offer even more as I go into 2014.

You constantly reminded me of what feels like my contradictions my opposites. Of being ready and scared, bold and shy, gripping tight and letting go, clear and confused, present and distracted, healing and feeling wounded, seen and hidden. I am learning to embrace (and shift sometimes) those opposites, slowly but surely.

You brought things to life, there were births (of babies , not mine!, Ideas, healing, realizations, connections, businesses, creativity and so much more!

2013, You lit me up, pissed me off, broke me open,opened me,  brought illness, healing, learning, unlearning, shifting and contracting, laughter and sadness..

I take the good and the bad I got from you and use it for continuing to create a life I love in 2014

Thank You, you crazy year you I suppose I would not have it any other way (well most of it 🙂

Love, Heather


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