One size does not fit all – Soul Musings


Hello Beautiful Souls!

What putting on an outfit I don’t love reminded me about life..

I am the type of person that seems to make strange connections and have seemingly super random “unrelated” things spark one another. That happened today as I was getting dressed  (well to be fair about 30 minutes after the process of trying to pick out  my outfit.)

Stay with me here, there really is a life lesson in all of this!

While I am pretty good about releasing things that do not fit or that I never use I still hang on to some stuff because I really want it to work.

It’s not that the stuff is bad, but it’s just not me or just does not fit me. When getting dressed the other morning I put on a combo just like that- it was there I felt like it should work it just didn’t.

While I am talking about my closet here and how I can fill it with things that I want to work, that used to work etc. This can easily be applied to life. How often do I (we) fill life with stuff that is not bad, but is not really working, does not support the bigger vision. In fact it just distracts from it taking up room and making it look like our closet (lives) are full of all sorts of great stuff. But in reality it’s just ok stuff taking up room and not allowing the great stuff ( the bigger vision) room to grow because it’s too jammed packed in there. There is stuff in there most certainly that works, that’s great but it’s sort of squished and buried amongst all the ok stuff. We forget we have these things so we continue to fill our lives with even more OK stuff in pursuit of the great stuff!

I for one am ready to stop doing this. So often with stuff like this it happens in layers. Areas that are seemingly unconnected are totally connected and reflect and effect one another.

Start with your actual closet or wherever else feels stuffed with the “OK” stuff – maybe it’s your commitments your calendar, your kitchen, closet, facebook friends list, bookshelf, relationships or any other number of things. Start with one thing, then another. Keep showing up for yourself, keep releasing, asking the questions like- Does this really fill me or is it distracting me?, set your boundaries, own your truth. Even if that truth is in the form of releasing a shirt that really isn’t working (and in the process discovering one that totally does and rocking that fully!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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