Choosing a word and Heart Resolutions


Hello Beautiful Souls!

Happy New Year! May this year hold an abundance of beautiful blessings, joy, connection, creativity and whatever else you seek!

Over the next week or two I will be sharing my vision board (when I create it :)!) and sharing more about my Heart Resolutions and my word.. For now I want to invite you to choose your own guiding word for the year and/or to Heart Resolutions.

If you have never done that before here is a tiny bit about both of these. A guiding word is one that well, guides your year. Think about what you need or want most this year and choose a word that really speaks to that. My word for 2014 is FLOW (more on that soon) My word for 2013 was Expand and though it did not show up in all the ways I had thought it might or would have liked it showed up in a lot of beautiful and some difficult ways , but they were all part of the journey- and Expand I did!

Heart Resolutions helps you to create an Inspired year by choosing the words that will guide your year – these words are the heart of what you seek beneath the tasks. Go here for the free PDF to create your Heart Resolutions for 2014! We get so tied to the outcome that we forget at times there are the things beneath the tasks and to do’s that is what we are really seeking and that often do “show up” but we are too busy looking at the empty check-box next to the task see how the core of what we were seeking did show up.

I would love if you shared yours with me and please do not hesitate to reach out if you are wanting support in this.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “Choosing a word and Heart Resolutions

  1. The link to your PDF is not working, I tried it and got “Google can’t open it”. Please can u check it’s not me and get the link to work. Thank you Vicky R

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